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IBK9 Skar is one of our breeding females imported from Serbia. This female is from some of the best, proven working dogs in the Netherlands. Her solid black coat and stunning thick body structure deters any threat that approaches. She possesses very nice prey drive and has solid grips on the bite. Loves the ball and will hunt until she finds it. Skar a very social female that is great in a family environment buts gives 110% on the training field. We are excited to announce that she will be ready to breed in the first quarter of 2023. Visit the "Upcoming litters" page for more info on this breeding.

IBK9 Madison.jpg

IBk9 Madison Von Der QueenCalibras House

Madison is our newest team member imported from Serbia. She arrived to our kennels Mid February 0f 2023 and is currently whelping her second litter. So far she is showing great signs of having the perfect genetics of a dual purpose police dog. She will begin our protection program after her puppies are completely weened, and hope to take her to high levels of PSA, as well as on the street. 

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