Ironbite k9 and firearms Referral Program

Earn cash by referring your family and friends! 

Earn cash by telling your family and friends about Ironbite K9 and Firearms Basic/Enhanced Concealed Carry Course. If your referral(s) successfully complete our training class we will pay $10 per referral. There is no maximum number of referrals and you do not have to attend the class to participate in the referral program. EX: 8 students referred = $80 

How to Participate:

1. Have your referral to contact IronBite K9 and Firearms about an upcoming scheduled class.

2. Have the referral to mention your name in the notes section when making their $20 deposit via PayPal or Cashapp.

Ex: (Referred By___________)

3. On the day of class, we will contact you to present your earned reward. 

***** Your participation in the IronBite K9 And Firearms Referral Program does not make you a member /representative of IronBite K9 And Firearms. You may not use the logo to present yourself as an affiliate of IronBite K9 And Firearms. You may, however, use the logo and/or company name to let your referrals know who is conducting the class. There is no limit to the amount of referrals. *****